Billy Ben

Billy Ben is also
a small Letterpress Print Studio!




I am happy to let you know, that my Letterpress has finally found a Home. The FAG Swissproof 40 which was built in 1978, is now located at Cric Print, our local Printer Guys & Girls in Fribourg, and is ready to be rolled.

For all the People that want to know more about the FAG Letterpresses, Dafi Kühne from Baby Ink Twice built this webpage, wich is dedicated to share information about FAG proofpresses. Built from the early 40ies until the late 90ies. With a special focus on the Swiss built letterpress proofpresses.

So, if you want your next print to be something special, let me know, maybe we can work on this.

-> Please contact me for pricing and information